Networkology are proud partners of Splunk and are please to offer their products and services both on the G-Cloud framework and to our customers in the private sector.

Splunk is a revolutionary software technology that provides a single stop for the monitoring, searching, analysing and visualisation of your machine data in real-time! Handling huge volumes of data Splunk seamlessly indexes, maps, schedules and reports so that you don’t have to.

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Turn Data Into Answers

Gain real-time insights to boost operational pro-activity and business results

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Real-Time Visibility

Automate the collection, indexing and alerting of machine data that’s critical to your operations

Data Source Agnostic

Uncover the actionable insights from all your data – no matter the source of format

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for predictive and proactive business decisions

Get Answers Faster with Metrics

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React instantly to your data with visualised metrics. Convert logs into metrics and boost search and monitoring performance as well as alerting functions.

Get Answers Faster with Metrics

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React instantly to your data with visualised metrics. Convert logs into metrics and boost search and monitoring performance as well as alerting functions.

Make Your Data Work For You

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Splunk gives you the real-time answers you need to meet customer expectations and business goals.

Machine Data

Use Splunk to connect your machine data and gain insights into opportunities and risk for your business.


Splunk scales to meet modern data needs – embrace the complexity, get the answers.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) powered by machine learning for actionable and predictive insights.

Empower Your Users Everywhere

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Splunk Connected Experiences puts the power of Splunk in your hands, literally. Through Splunk Mobile, Splunk TV, and Splunk AR everyone in your organisation can see and feel the insights from your data.

Any Question. Any Data. One Splunk.

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I see that one of my servers is down, has that impacted the health of my service?

How do I predict service-level degradation before it occurs?

What is the impact of my critical services being offline?

You already have the machine data. Use Splunk to turn it into answers.


Why did my mobile app crash?

How can I find application problems before my end users do?

Is our latest application release performing better or worse than before?

Splunk delivers the answers that will satisfy your app-etite.


Have I been breached?

Are there insider threats lurking in my organisation?

How do I detect, block or stop an attack?

If you can’t answer these questions…your should click this link.


Why am I losing critical customers to my competitor?

Are users adopting our product and features?

How much revenue did we make via mobile sales?

Modern business questions need modern business answers.


Can I predict issues and unplanned downtime before it happens?

How do I integrate my sensor data with industrial control systems and other applications?

Are there cyber-security threats to my mission-critical industrial systems?

Do you have the answers on all things? With Splunk, you can.

Experience Integrated Machine Learning Analytics

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Leverage the strength of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve IT, security and business outcomes. Don’t react, predict and prevent. Integrated tools and commands backed by open source algorithms, make these future-leaning capabilities possible.

Networkology and Splunk in the Public Sector

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Networkology are proud to be an accredited Splunk supplier of services to the G-Cloud Framework on HM Government Digital Marketplace.

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Our Security Cleared Consultants

With decades of industry experience covering multiple IT disciplines our accredited consultants are not only experts in Splunk but also many of the supporting systems providing the source data. This allows us to better understand your requirements and overcome any data handling challenges you may have.

Our Approach

As with all Networkology services we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality of delivery. Detailed and accurate requirements gathering is key to any successful engagement and ensures that we provide true value whilst efficiently delivering customer solutions.

Our Value-Add

When you receive a service from Networkology you aren’t just gaining access to individuals. All our consultants have access to the combined technical knowledge of the entire organisation, able to consult, share and contribute with all of our other technical specialists in near real-time.

  • Serve

    Delivering better services to the population and government employees is critical to every mission and program. The Splunk platform combined with Splunk IT Service Intelligence helps overcome the shortcomings of traditional IT silos by delivering a unified view of critical IT services.

  • Grow

    A broad range of programs are in place to help the government evolve and scale efficiently to deliver better services.  Splunk Enterprise offers an agency-wide foundation to ensure agility and scale for consistent service delivery and mission execution.

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Start your Splunk journey and begin putting your machine data to good use now. Download your free trial of Splunk Enterprise using the button below.